Surface Preparation

ATMI has extensive knowledge and experience in interfacial sciences disciplines, chemical research and discovery, specific chemistry formulation and material scale-up and delivery. From back-of-line expertise, to new front-end-of-line exploration to test wafer reclaim technology, ATMI brings depth and breadth of experience in surface preparation materials and process.

At the core of its offerings are superior back-end-of-the-line surface preparation chemistries that ATMI knows are critical to semiconductor manufacturing production quality. From pre- and post-etch cleaning steps to new and emerging methods like bevel-edge cleaning and new front-of-line chemistry solutions, ATMI is the clear market leader in specially-formulated chemistry solutions.

As ATMI looks to the future of formulated chemistries, it sees its global High Productivity Development capability as well-suited to deliver fast, more customized, highly-specialized material solutions to a meet a growing amount of demand in a much shorter amount of time. The capability to deliver knowledge-rich data from combinatorial science on a wafer in weeks as a replacement for traditional R&D over months, will further the companies strength in material solution discovery and delivery.

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Cu Post Etch Clean

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