About ATMI

ATMI, (Nasdaq: ATMI) is a global leader in enabling process materials and process technology for semiconductor, display and life science industries. At ATMI, process ingenuity unleashes new process possibilities for customers.

Since 1986, ATMI has developed capabilities including rapid process development, high performance materials, ultra-clean materials utilization/packaging solutions and global supply chain management. By working closely with customers, ATMI uses speed of innovation, process effectiveness and overall efficiency to deliver lasting economic value. With the spirit of collaboration, ATMI is committed to building long-term strategic relationships which add significant value for customers.

Technology development and technology manufacturing efficiency can be key bottlenecks impacting continued growth and profitability. ATMI focuses on delivering process efficiency through fast access to technology innovation, effective production of deliberate outcomes and efficient conversion of process input to process output. Delivering breakthrough improvements in these areas drives innovations in the most demanding high-volume manufacturing environments.

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Faster material screening
Faster process optimization
Faster production integration
Faster ramp to full volume output
For less overall cost


Better process reproducibility
Better access to new enabling materials
Better material performance
Better, more protective containment
For less overall cost


Higher process yield
Higher net throughput
Higher equipment availability
Higher material utilization
For less overall cost

Delivering More Value