About US

Entegris, a leader in contamination control and critical materials handling and ATMI, a leader in advanced materials and material delivery systems, have served the semiconductor and electronics industries for more than 40 years. The combination of Entegris and ATMI brings together two very successful companies with long track records and premium brands, to solve some of the most difficult yield challenges facing the industry.

As a larger company, with market-leading critical products, global infrastructure and expertise in key processes, Entegris will have enhanced capabilities to develop and support defect reduction and yield-enhancing solutions for our customers around the world.


Faster material screening
Faster process optimization
Faster production integration
Faster ramp to full volume output
For less overall cost


Better process reproducibility
Better access to new enabling materials
Better material performance
Better, more protective containment
For less overall cost


Higher process yield
Higher net throughput
Higher equipment availability
Higher material utilization
For less overall cost

Delivering More Value